Who is qualified to be a Citizen of Ganlodo Maroon Monarchy

Who can be be a Ganlodonumeto?
Ganlodonumeto means “person of Ganlodo”. This is what some, in English, would loosely translate as citizen. However, if you are Ganlodonumeto you are family. The number one qualification is that you must be a Mawufenumeto (Afrikan person). Let’s be clear. At the Kilombonu (Maroon) Monarchy of Ganlodo, we do not buy into the “everybody in the world has their roots in Afrika”. In fact, all of the recent proof over the past ten years or more has proven that the people often referred to as “white” descend from the non-true -human Neanderthal whereas we, Afrikans, do not. When we speak of a Mawufenumeto, we are speaking of people who clearly LOOK Mawufenu (Afrikan). Therefore, all others are non-Afrikans and do not qualify to even speak with any of us here at Ganlodo about Vodun, let along join our ranks.
The number two qualification, which is just as important as number one, is that you must have good character. All people have character flaws, but that does not necessary translate into bad character,especially when the individual is willing to work on them. So, one must have good character and sincere intent. They must have love for Afrikan people and things Afrikan.
A third qualification is that they must be family oriented and about family development. This applies on a personal relationship level (spouse, children, fiance, kwk), and branches out to the extended family.
A fourth qualification is that they must either be a (“black”) nationalist, be inclined towards (“black”), be a Maroon or inclined towards such, must have an Afrikan only policy in relation to those who should be in our sacred Afrikan traditions, must have an Afrikan first and foremost policy, and must honor their Afrikan ancestors and traditions only (the latter in the cases of some distant non-Afrikan blood).
A fifth qualification is that one must be heterosexual, non-supportive of dissexuality (homosexuality, pedophilia and interracial relationships), and cannot be involved in any interracial couplings, interracial friendships (even plutonic), or supportive of such.
A sixth qualification is that they must be willing to nation build and see sovereignty as a truly obtainable goal on an intergenerational level.

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