ߜ߮ߊ߬ߣߟߐߘߏ߫ About Ganlodo

ߜ߮ߊ߬ߣߟߐߘߏ߫ ߚߐ߫ߕߏ߫ߡߍ߬
Thank you for taking your valuable time to get to know the Maroon/Kilɔmbonu monarchy (Xɔ́tómɛ̀) of Gànlɔdó . We are here to restore the Maroon Kilombo spirit back to its rightful place in the African Vodun tradition. Thus, It should be stated that Gànlɔdó is heterosexual-Afrikan/”Black” only monarchy. We do not entertain any form of dis-sexuality which also includes interracial mate choices.
The root of our works is family development and nation building based solidly in our West African Vodun traditions. Though our focus is West African Vodun, we are 100% in support of the functional use of any of our living Afrikan traditions for the sake of obtaining sovereignty. Be sure to check out our videos and articles at Kilombo Blog on our Kilɔmbo Restoration and Healing site where we explore various aspects of Vodun such as healing, divination, family development, nation building, philosophy, cosmology, culture, and economic advancement. It is also there one will find His Imperial Majesty’s ground-breaking books and videos on authentic Vodun tradition.

The name Gànlɔdó comes from the Fòn phrase “ߦߋ ߘߏ ߜ߯ߊߣ ߜߊ ߖߟߊ ߘߏ ߘߏߜ߳ߏ ߕߎߕߏ ߥߋ – Ye do gan gba jla do dokpo tuto we”those that broke the chains to restore order“. These are the ones who are rising from the ashes, like the sacred Afrikan Ibis bird, to clear out the rampant chaos, discontent, and lack of empowerment of Afrikan people.

For us, healing is mental, spiritual, physical, and cultural. One may ask, why the focus on healing? When one contemplates that ingrained trauma imposed on Afrikan people for the past 570 years one will easily see the need for healing. How do we heal? It is our duty at Gànlɔdó, to utilize every aspect of our culture to heal and restore Afrikan people back to their natural state of spirit connectivity. We do this through divination, ritual, counseling, diet, and overall holistic cleansing. We also believe that, to truly heal and elevate, Afrikans must know the enemy without and the enemy within. We say in Yoruba: “Ti ko ba si ọta ninu, ọta laisi ko le bori. If there is no enemy within, the enemy without cannot prevail.” Therefore, the primary focus for us is the self. To be self-fortified is to be enemy-fortified.
Our way of life is based in the Kilombo Paradigm. The Kilombo Paradigm is based upon the Maroon philosophy of obtaining complete sovereignty in every aspect of life essentials for Afrikan people. Our foundational focus is ReAfrikanization, Family Development, and Nation Building. Why is “maroon/kilɔmbonu” emphasized in our identity? The Maroons were originally those Afrikans who not only resisted captivity from day one, but also built their own sovereign communities away from captivity.  In this, they were governed by the laws of their own original culture and praised their own ancestors and deities. The communities they built were called kilɔmbo – after the Ki Bantu word for “intentional encampment aimed at sovereignty and re-establishing order”. Kilɔmbonu is a thing of maroonage. Kilɔmbomuntu is one who lives the Kilombo (paradigm ) way of life.
Our focus at Gànlɔdó Xɔ́tómɛ̀ is to raise family-citizens’ self-help efforts to an art through individual involvement, intellect, spirit and unity. Our ambition is individual and family involvement, material and spiritual success. Our message is that no individual is alone; we are who we are because we are members of a family, community, society and race. There is no conceited economic baron or leader among us. There is no competition among family; only love and sharing of our pains and fortunes collectively and honestly.
Working patiently and diligently, we hope to use our collective goodwill, abundant physical energy, enthusiasm for hard work, and our love of goodness and truth to build a fortress of virtue and success. This, in time, would be a magnet on its own to install an ultimate new and elevated order of virtuous civilization for Máwùfɛnumeto (Afrikan person/people).

Gànlɔdó is a functioning Afrikan monarchy. By this, we mean that we are not an Afrikan monarchy just for monarchy’s sake. We also serve our community. In this, the priests and chiefs, including the king, at Gànlɔdó (Maroon) Monarchy provides the following:


Cultural solutions (How to employ culture in everyday life including language, foods, dress, marriage processes, counting processes, family structure, kwk)

General Afrikan spiritual readings. We are guided by the Fá oracle.

Roots Readings (These are readings using the Fa/Ifa oracle that determine your exact ethnic origins, family name, clan name, circumstances of how your family may have been captured and sold into captivity, the year it happened, what happened when they arrived in their captive land, what they did before being captive, if there are family curses and how to break them, family taboo, kwk (kwk = katha wa katha which is Ki Bantu/Ki Swahili for “etc, etc”).

Zoto Fa Readings (readings to find out your sponsoring ancestor and their desires. This is the ancestor most vested in you.)

Monarchial structure for everyday life

Family Development Structure

Nation building

Business goals directives

Land acquirement and development

Economic intelligence

Lifting generational curses

Functioning examples of how to live an up to date Maroon lifestyle

Sincere charity

Community development

Security solutions

It is true that our king keeps a constant ideal in front of us when he states: “An Afrikan king should not simply be a figure head. I will never be a king whose main claim to fame is simply sitting in state, playing dress up,  and I will never entertain the oyinbo/yovo (non-Afrikans).” This is evident in his consistent works towards nation building and family development.

The ultimate role of the monarchy of Gànlɔdó is to obtain complete sovereignty. We do this through what the king has coined the Kilombo Paradigm. This is an intergenerational process that we see as very much achievable. We believe in sovereignty in every aspect of people living and development. We believe that the framework of our future sovereignty must be solidly founded now. At Gànlɔdó, we have done a thorough job of this while overstanding that the work continues all day every day. It should be noted that those currently in power (in these traditions of ours and in the world in general) are on their way out. The time of the Afrikan has returned. The Kilombo Paradigm approach of Gànlɔdó is set to prepare us to claim our rightful’ heritage and place as possessors of the world.

Directed by the divine Fa oracle, Gànlɔdó was founded in the year of our calendar 6253 A.X., with “AX” referencing the period of years that have passed since the advent of clan consolidation. This was two years after H.I.M. Axɔ́sú Àgèlògbàgàn was officially crowned as Axɔ́sú (King) in the year 6251 AX or 2010 Gregorian calendar. The Axɔ́sú is an profound diviner, spiritual intuit, and author of 21 publications on authentic and functional Afrikan Vodun subjects.
Important Note Concerning Our Location: 
Many have inquired as to where is our physical location. We will start by saying that our videos, sites and publications are for the education of those who want to learn true Vodun culture. When you look at such, this may give a feeling of assumed accessibility. However, we are not like your average ile (Yoruba house/temple), Akan or Vodun house in Amerikkka. We are a Maroon monarchy. If you study maroon societies, you will know that they survived, in tact, and the longest, when they did not give out their direct locations. When a person wanted to know where a Maroon society was, they had to be tested and tried before being taken to the outer door of the Maroon society. This was so that they may maintain their sovereignty. When they became lax on this (like how Zumba of the kilɔmbo/maroon society of Palmares in Brazil did), is when they lost their sovereignty, were killed and many times put into European captivity.
Therefore, it is through timely and tested communication between the public and us that privileged information will be shared. The above is why we do not give out our location, and ultimately the Fa oracle has the final say so on such. If you are an Afrikan who overstands the state of war we are in, then we are very sure you overstand. However, we may be contacted at ekaabokilombo@gmail.com. All initial communications must be by email. Thanks for your overstanding.