Ganlodo Celebrates the Powerful African Goddess Avlekete and Performs the Sacred Kulitohongbo Rites

Ku do hwetanu Avelekete!
Ku do hwenu Kulitohongbo! 
Join the only authentic Aja (misnomered Fon of Southern Benin Republic) monarchy this weekend as we celebrate a very important river deity, Avlekete. In addition, we will be celebrating the very powerful and communally important Kulitohongbo, which is an every 27-day elevated Ancestral rite.
Those interested nation building from an authentic Kilombonu (Maroon) Afrikan only, heterosexual only, and good character oriented perspective can contact us at We will entertain serious inquiries only.

Clan, Family and Lineage Celebration at the Maroon African Vodun Monarchy of Ganlodo

This weekend at the Maroon African Vodún Monarchy of Ganlodo we celebrate our clans, called akota in the Aja language, and lineage. In authentic Afrikan traditions, it is crucial to know ones ancient family and clan origins. This weekend we do rituals and ceremony to elevate and heal our clans/lineages. We are thankful to have the Roots Reading system to reconnect us back to that which we thought was lost. Call out the names of your ancient clans and any individuals of good character that were from your family and clan.

We also suggest that those who know there family and clan history, totems, symbols, kwk create family crests to commemorate their history.

Family Crest of His Imperial Majesty Axosu Agelogbagan Agbovi