ߥߌߌߣ Ganlodo Wiin (Honey Bee) Project

We at Ganlodo know what our ancestors knew: that nature is Máwù Lisa’s ultimate shrine! However, due to several factors primarily induced by the yovo (non Afrikans, the nature shrines are under unnatural threat. One of the biggest threats is to our bee population. The axosu, while at a botanical he frequented often, noticed this past spring and summer that the bee activity in this botanical area had reduced by at least 30-40% from when he first discovered it 6 years ago! When the bee activity is low at a botanical gardens then we know something is not right.

Therefore, one of Ganlodo’s primary projects will be to get as deeply involved with helping to build and sustain a healthy bee population. Many people do not realize how important bees are in general. Here are some amazing beneficial facts about the honey bee.

As Mawufenumeto (Afrikans) who have reclaimed our culture and deities, we also need to reclaim stewardship of this very earth that MawuLisa (the Creator) gave us to dwell on and utilize hundreds of thousands of years ago. We are open to any suggestions addressing the matter of bee shortage from a solution oriented approach .We now seek various Afrikan organizations and individuals to work with on this timely issue.

Look at how the product RoundUp, produced by the infamous Monsato, is destroying our beloved wiin (honey bee in the Fon language).

Who would have thought that a healthier food alternative would be killing off our bees? Read more at People Magazine Online >>>