ߊߚߐߛߎ߫ ߊߜߍߟߐߜߊߜ߳ߊߣ About the King Axɔ́sú Àgɛ̀lògbàgàn Azàsinkpotín

ߊߚߐߛߎ߫ ߊߜߍߟߐߜߊߜ߳ߊߣ

The paramount monarch of Ganlodo is ߊߚߐ߫ߛߎ߫ ߊ߬ߜ߯ߍ߰ߟߏ߰ߜߊ߰ߜ߯ߊ߰ߣ ߊߖ߯ߊ߰ߛߌߣߜ߳ߏߕߌ߫ߣ ߖߌ߱ߛߝ߯ߌ߰ ߊ߰ߜߐ߰ߝ߱ߌ߰Axɔ́sú Àgɛ̀lògbàgàn Azàsinkpotín Jǐsovì Àgbɔ̀vì. He hails from the port city of Mobile, Alabama which happened to be the city where the last captive ship containing 130 some odd Afrikans landed (see The Clotilda). He is a  business school graduate and and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Culturally, the axosu is initiated and trained in several Afrikan priesthoods of the Afrikan Vodun and Isese (Yoruba) traditions, including full initiation and training in Ifá/Fa. The axosu is, as he came into Afrikan traditions some years ago, an avid nationalist and maroon that does not compromise his political beliefs for any watered down and false ecumenical views of Afrikan traditions that may be in vogue today. The axosu is of the Garveyite school of philosophy and doing. He maintains, as he has always done, an Afrikan (“Black”) only ideology in relation to who are the rightful practitioners and who should be the sole participants in Afrikan traditions. The Axosu is an avid diviner, specializing in Roots and Zoto Readings though he is masterful at any type of reading using the Fa oracle.

It was on Dokun 8, 6251 (Sept 27, 2010) that the axosu was crowned as the first and only Aja-culture monarch outside of Mawufe (Afrika). This title is referred to as Axosu for male monarchs and Axosi for female monarchs. In 6253 he established the Kilombonu (Maroon) Monarchy of Ganlodo. His Imperial Majesty is the author of 21 functional publications on Isese and Vodun. He has made history by being the first New Afrikan (Afrikan who descends from captive Afrikans) to write a functional book on the Fon language of Southern Benin Republic entitle Fongbe Primer: Functional Fongbe for Our Everyday World. He made history before that by being the first New Afrikan to produce a book of Odù Ifá with all 256 Odù Ifá covered. History was made later with the publication of The Hwlengan, which is the only Afrikan sacred text in the world written completely in an Afrikan (Fongbe) language and Afrikan script (N’ko of the Mande people) and is Vodun’s most sacred text. There is no English in this book. History was made again with the publication of a very sacred text called The Ganhumehan. Both of the aforementioned works had been suppressed among the Aja due to internal corruption. History was made again a few years after when the axosu became the only monarch to resurrect and use a West Afrikan calendar not influenced by non Afrikans. Finally, history was made yet again in 6258 when he produced the powerful game changing book The Kilombo Paradigm: Maroon Sovereignty Through Vodun Culture. This book lays out the concrete philosophy and plan needed to nation build from a strictly Afrikan perspective using living Afrikan culture.

One can see countless videos of His Majesty on the Kilombo Restoration and Healing website; the site dedicated to the sale of his publications.

The axosu’s royal lineage dates back to 727 years ago to the Xwelengbosu, or the Royal House of the Mighty Ram of which he is a direct descendant. From 5896 – 6042 AX (1655-1801 European time) his family, the Jisovi, possessed the throne of Xevie until his ancestor, Axosu Dehan Sagbaju, was assassinated on the throne forcing the family to go into exile in Oyo (a major Yoruba ethnic group and empire in SW Nigeria) which included his son, the crown Prince Sagbaju. The dynasty was seemingly forever interrupted as Prince Sagbaju and his family was ambushed and sold into captivity after trying to come out of exile in 6064 AX (1823) and take back the throne of Xevie from an illegitimate slave trading clan. From there, Prince Sagbaju was taken to Mobile, Alabama where he escaped captivity and became a Maroon and leader of one of the local Maroon communities.

Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn has resurrected the crown of his foremothers and forefathers but is building anew far away from his ancestral home of Xevie, Benin Republic. This is one reason he is called Azàsinkpontín – the crown that crossed the deep waters. The axosu is also responsible for creating the first and only official symbol for the Afrikan Vodun tradition called the sekplondo.

Picture of the Boston meeting of His Imperial Majesty Agelogbagan and Axosu Hakpon III from Porto Novo

Because of this extraordinary event of an axosu being crowned outside of America,  in the year 6255 (2014), His Imperial Majesty was visited in Boston, Massachusetts by His Royal Majesty Hakpon III, the king of the monarchy of Xogbonu (the city of Porto Novo, Benin Republic). Axosu Hakpon was amazed at the depth of knowledge Axosu Agelogbagan possessed of Aja culture and equally amazed that the very thing the Fa oracle had told Axosu Agelogbagan about his Xevie heritage, His Majesty Hakpon also knew.

Finally,  it should be noted that what led to the Axosu finding out about his royal heritage and the circumstances of his royal ancestor being put into captivity was when he received his Roots Reading in 6238 AX (1997).e

Xle Axosu – Royal Coat of Arms for His Imperial Majesty Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn

the royal crest of the king of ganlodo

Xle Hwe – Royal Coat of Arms for The ߚߥߋߟߍߣߜߐߛߎ Xwelɛngbɔsu (House of the Ram)